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PT Vale Indonesia Tbk Employment Opportunities

Immediately Required

Position: Senior Coordinator Communication

Work Location: Sorowako

For National Recruitment

Purpose of the Role:

Works with media for the purpose of conveying the company vision, policies and strategies in a positive, consistent and credible manner. This role is expected to educate the media and attract them to make a story/feature/article, and as a result, the publicity by media will reach the general public and make them aware about the existence of company and acts an active representative of company to support the wide range relations with media in a two-way and equal communication approach.


  1. Regular monitoring and analysis of the relevant news in the media and provide immediate clarification toward the inaccurate news that doesn’t match with the data and facts.
  2. Support the publication of the company's events such as workshops, seminars, or press conference on specific issues by preparing the press release and a list of questions and answersfor the journalist and the company officials.
  3. Brief the management about an effective communication with the media, the attractive themes to be explored, and equip company director with enough supporting documents before interviewing by media.
  4. Maintain and manage a dependable relationship with the media who write about the company with real and transparent information, and most importantly, a clear follow up to equip them with key actions required.
  5. Actively monitor the trend of media coverage on company and related issues and come up with an innovative strategy of media engagement.
  6. Optimizing media gathering as an effective vehicle to educate the journalist about company activities and its correlations with various issues.
  7. Properly organize the field visitation by media partners to operation areas of company, i.e. Sorowako, Pomalaa and Bahodopi, to give wider insights for the journalists on company existence, operation, challenges, and contribution to the local people.
  8. Develop and update the list of media partners at all levels.
  9. Coordinate with other departments to produce a FAQ about the sensitive and critical issues for media publication.
  10. Support the information exchange and transformation of knowledge and skills to the communication officer who assigned to coordinate similar tasks for the Sulawesi regions.
  11. Coordinate and provide technical support to the media relations third party/provider partners in achieving good quality of products/services.
  12. Perform additional tasks assigned by the SM/DIR as part of self-development opportunities.

Technical Specializations:

  1. Possess skills on writing, editing and issuing of news releases, letter to editor, other media materials.
  2. Possess excellent skills on communication and knowledge of the national, regional, and local media.
  3. Able to build and manage media and journalist network and relations, including the related organizations and institutions.
  4. Able to contribute in developing company strategy on media relations based on lessons learned in handling this issue.
  5. Able to come up with new and innovative ideas to maintain the wider and better quality of media publications.


  1. Bachelor’s degree, majoring in Communication is preferable.
  2. Minimum has 5 years experiences in journalistic related background.
  3. Certification holder or active member of public relation association is preferred.
  4. Fluent in English both written and verbal.

How to apply:

  • Please submit your application to https://forms.office.com/r/M5HZcwc94f
  • Closing date (inclusive) is on May 21, 2021.
  • Only applicants that meet requirements with complete documents as required above will be notified for further selection process.
  • We are hoping for gender equality, so having a good number of female applicants will be important, therefore we encourage female applicant to apply for this position.
  • For further information about PT Vale Indonesia Tbk please visit http://www.vale.com/indonesia.
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