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Unit Controller - PT Tanjung Power Indonesia

PT Tanjung Power Indonesia (joint venture of Adaro Power & East West Power Indonesia) is currently looking for strong candidate to join our team as


Unit Controller

Job Responsibilities

Responsible to control, monitoring, and operate the power plant operational (Boiler, Turbine, BOP, and auxiliary plant) in order to reach the target and run smoothly and safe.

  • To control and monitor the DCS operator in power plant operational (boiler, turbine, BOP, and auxiliary power plant) by DCS control based on approved procedure to reach the production target following health and safety principles.
  • To provide the directions of monitoring and technical actions to operational machine to DCS Operator Unit 1 and 2 and Field Operator based on DCS observation result to monitor panel as well as analyze the abnormality to get the decision which will be doing and also to coordinate with Shift Supervisor to have follow up action in a timely manner.
  • To monitor and coordinate all the activities which required for Start-Up and Shut Down of the Power Plant equipment to support the continuity of Power Plant operations.
  • To identify the dangerous potential during the operational Power Plant process and conduct the action based on settled up procedures as well as to report abnormality in the report to be evaluated and followed up accurately and timely manner.
  • To respond and control the emergency situation, emergency response such as fire and oil leaks to ensure the worker's safety, plant, and environment.
  • To report the condition, disturbance findings, and the latest update about power plant operations to DCS Officer in Charge in shift in Operator Daily Report in shift / daily log sheets which has been defined for continuity Power Plant operations.
  • To coordinate with Maintenance Dept to follow up maintenance requirements findings to support the continuity of Power Plant operations.

Job Requirements

  • Minimum Diploma Degree (D3) graduate majoring in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering
  • Have a minimum 3 years of experience as Operator in manufacturing or power plant
  • Preferably has broad experience and proven skills in coal-fired power plant operation.
  • Good communication skill
  • Good command in English both verbal and written
  • Willing to be located at Tanjung – Tabalong, South Kalimantan


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