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PT Aserra Capital

PT Aserra Capital (doing business as Aserra Capital) is an Indonesian company located in Jakarta with a presence in the Netherlands and Indonesia that provides investment services. PT Aserra Capital is a significant shareholder of PT Apexindo Pratama Duta Tbk (66.90 %).



General Responsibilities:

  1. Company Representatives for overall activity plan, execution, and reporting on board vessel.
  2. To implement, supervise, and records Company QHSE and Security Policy.
  3. To calculates, records, and reports the daily cargo quantity (Daily Inventory Report) onboard vessel.
  4. To manages fuel oil loading, storage, and trading execution plan efficiently.
  5. To conduct cargo inspection and arrange stowage plan with Chief Officer on-duty (cargo distribution between tanks, draws up of loading and offloading plans including pumps and valves to be used).
  6. To carry out trim and stability calculations and maintains appropriate records onboard.
  7. Responsible for recording/calculation.
    1. Vessel Experience Factor, statistics, tank gauging, offloading data.
    2. Quality and quantity of Cargo Oil loaded and distributed.
    3. Metering accuracy (“onsite calibration”).
  8. To supervise Approved O&M Activity and Plan onboard during operation;
  9. To maintain necessary and accurate cargo transfer documentation and O&M Daily Report.


  1. Having Mariner/Seafarer background with Rating min. ANT IV and valid Seaman’s Book.
  2. Having experience in Fuel Trading Vessel as Chief Officer / 2nd Officer and/or similar position.
  3. Leadership, Supervisory Experience, & Proven records of achievement within Marine Operation.
  4. Understand & capable to conduct loading & discharge supervision activity onboard vessel.
  5. Familiar with SPOB/Tanker/Oil Barge Operation & Maintenance activity included regular reporting to headquarter.
  6. Work Arrangement : Roster Schedule.

(put position you apply in subject mail with MINERGYNEWS code. Eq.: Cargo Supervisor – MINERGYNEWS)



General Responsibilities:

  1. Reconcile and provide information on Fuel consumption in each fleet.
  2. Ensure actual fuel consumption needs in each fleet.
  3. Check and monitor Fuel Consumption regularly.
  4. Monitor and check sailing consumption, shifting consumption, free sailing consumption.
  5. Perform calculations and estimates of fuel consumption during sailing and shifting.
  6. Evaluate and analyze fuel consumption if there is a difference between calculation and sounding fuel.
  7. Ensure the completeness of contract requirements, cargo documents, and ship documents.
  8. Assisting the needs of marine projects logistics.
  9. Ensure safe and efficient naval operations.


  1. Education S1 Marine Engineering, Mechanical, Marine Study or related majors
  2. Minimum 2 years experience as Fuel/bunker officer / surveyor cargo tanker
  3. Experience in terms of Fuel consumption test
  4. Have the ability to evaluate fuel consumption
  5. Have a shipping management certificate (preferred)
  6. Placement in Jakarta
  7. Willing to do business trips outside the region

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General Responsibilities:

  1. Provide consultation on geological maps and aerial photographs to advise on the selection of mining sites.
  2. Compile data and produce mining project reports.
  3. Supervise the progress of mining projects.
  4. Plan a detailed field investigation through drilling and analysis of bedrock samples.
  5. Make visits to new project sites or mines
  6. Geological mapping, geological logging, reporting in the Project area.
  7. Collecting field data, interpreting geological information, and assisting in planning and changing exploration programs.
  8. Conduct mapping to delimit the prospect area including surface sampling, pit test sampling, and preparation of pit test samples.
  9. Plan and research to support the exploration database.
  10. Prepare reports on technical and economic studies of several work areas that will be used as mine area plans.
  11. Supervise the implementation of HSE in the mining area following the prevailing laws and regulations in mining.


  1. Bachelor Degree in Geology.
  2. Have a POP-BNSP Competency Certificate.
  3. Minimum 5 years experience as a Geology in Nickel Mining Industry.
  4. Create Short term and Long term mining work models and plans to support mining operations.
  5. Proficient in using SURPAC, Minescape Application, or other geological software.
  6. Communicative.
  7. Willing to travel outside the area.

(put position you apply in subject mail with MINERGYNEWS code. Eq.: Geologist – MINERGYNEWS)



General Responsibilities:

  1. Monitoring pit and disposal following a mine design reference.
  2. Monitoring the productivity and utility of the unit including the utilization of the general work unit
  1. in the mining area.
  2. Make short-term plans (weekly and monthly) in the mining stage.
  3. Make a technical and economic study report on several work areas that will be used as a mine area plan.
  4. Make a list report related to tools and tools that will be used by the Production Division for the mining process.
  5. Collecting the results of analysis and mapping of mining goods that will be obtained in the next mining plan.
  6. Supervise the implementation of plans implemented by the Production Division.
  7. Make a report related to the development of the plan application that has been implemented by the Production Division.
  8. Collect reports and analysis results of production data.
  9. Supervise the installation of work area boundary markings (pits) at the mining area.
  10. Supervise the implementation of K3 and Environmental implementation in the mining area following the prevailing laws and regulations in mining.


  1. Bachelor Degree in Mining Engineering.
  2. Have a POP-BNSP Competency Certificate.
  3. Minimum 5 years experience as Mine Engineer in Nickel Mining Industry (Mandatory).
  4. Create Short term and Long term mining work models and plans to support mining operations.
  5. Monitoring and evaluating daily, weekly and monthly planning.
  6. Proficient in using SURPAC, Minescape Application.
  7. Placement in Matarape, Central Sulawesi.

(put position you apply in subject mail with MINERGYNEWS code. Eq.: Mine Engineer – MINERGYNEWS)



General Responsibilities:

  1. To carry out Operation Planning and Analysis responsibility to identify best fit operational establishment which will bring economic, Engineering and QHSE benefit to the business process.
    1. Ensure viable terminals tankage capacity is put in place to service the business.
    2. Ensure the operational assets are fully utilized.
    3. Ensure wasted terminal assets are sold or relocated to bring optimum utilization.
  2. To ensure overall activities of all trading operation area in ensuring that they perform the functions of product receipt, storage and into-Truck’s filling, ships back loading and bunkers operations diligently.
    1. Ensure Products meet specification and Quality maintained.
    2. Ensure Plant integrity is maintained.
    3. Ensure proper control and accurate stock accounting.
    4. Manage safe product movement (Pipelines, Delivery Vehicles, LCT, Other Coastal vessels, and Drums).
  3. Manage QHSE Processes
    1. Maintain Safety and Health in the Workplace.
    2. Protect Environment.
    3. Liaise with external authorities (Ports, Transport, Environment, NDES, police, Fire Brigade, Health and other Government or Private Agencies to conduct Emergency Response Drills/Exercises.
    4. Conduct Policy, Standards, and Procedures compliance audits for Terminal, Marine Tankers, Road Transport and Product Quality.
    5. Manage Equipment Testing & Maintenance at all locations based on Standards.
  4. CAPEX/OPEX and Customer Relation
    1. Optimize Costs such as to maintain as low as reasonably practicable to achieve scorecard requirements.
    2. Work Program & Budget
    3. Maintain daily transport efficiency performance.


  1. Min. Bachelor Degree from reputable university majoring Mechanical, Electrical/Power,
  2. Marine, Petroleum, or other engineering.
  3. Min. 5 years experience in upstream and/or downstream oil and gas business.
  4. Having experience in Oil & Gas Facility Development, Operation, & Maintenance Activity.
  5. Having logistic management training is preferred.
  6. Proficient in Microsoft Office and Planning/Scheduling Software.
  7. Can cope with flexible working hours.

(put position you apply in subject mail with MINERGYNEWS code. Eq.: Operation Engineer – MINERGYNEWS)



General Responsibilities :

  1. Make regular HSE work programs and reports.
  2. Implement HSE management system according to company policies (HIRARC, ERP, etc.)
  3. Evaluate HSE management system program both onboard and in the workplace effectively and efficiently.
  4. Have an understanding of the HSE management system onboard, which is capable of handling leakage cases when transferring diesel fuel between ships and ensuring  the safety of the ship's crew.
  5. Check and maintain work safety facilities and infrastructure (APAR, PPE, Hydrant, etc.)
  6. Develop HSE management system.
  7. Provide training on work safety to all employees.
  8. Cooperating with the safety committee.
  9. Maintain, manage and review document control.
  10. Assisting the QHSE Department in the implementation of internal audits and external audits.

Requirements :

  1. Minimum a Diploma/Bachelor’s degree Environmental Health or related major.
  2. Maximum Age 40 years old.
  3. Minimum 3 years experience as QHSE.
  4. Have an oil & Gas HSE Expert certificate.
  5. Having experience in the field of ISO: 9001, ISO: 14001 and QHSE 18001 is an advantage.
  6. Have good communication skills.
  7. Able to work individually and in a team.
  8. Willing to travel outside the area.

(put position you apply in subject mail with MINERGYNEWS code. Eq.: QHSE – MINERGYNEWS)



General Responsibilities:

  1. Comply with company regulations through company regulations, standard procedures and other supporting regulations.
  2. Comply with and implement the applicable Safety, Health and environment (HSE) in the Company.
  3. Carry out work procedures at the sample house.
  4. Disseminate SOPs to subordinate employees.
  5. Controlling the flow of incoming samples at the sample house.
  6. Make control analysis and control the quality of readings from x-ray tools.
  7. Ensure all samples are analyzed perfectly.
  8. Send control analysis data to x-ray device performance every week night.
  9. Organize and save analysis data according to sample type or location.
  10. All analysis data should not be given to all persons unless there is approval from superiors.
  11. Storing analysis data properly


  1. Minimum SMAK (Chemical Analyst High School) or Bachelor Degree in Chemical Engineering.
  2. Minimum 3-4 years experience in making SOP and Flow chart Sample processing and understand QAQC system.
  3. Have attended ISO 14025 training and QAQC training.
  4. Have good leadership skills as a Supervisor.
  5. Have good communication, analytical and organizational skills.
  6. Have the skills to operate the preparation tools and can provide roll mode to the crew.
  7. Have knowledge of the preparation process according to the type of sample.
  8. Arrange all employees at work so that samples can be done sequentially.
  9. Understanding the Flow Chart of the raw material process until it is analyzed.
  10. Placement in Sulawesi.

put position you apply in subject mail with MINERGYNEWS code. Eq.: QAQC Supervisor – MINERGYNEWS)


Please send your resume to: Recruitment@aserranpm.com

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


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