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Worley 2021

We are hiring for our next potential Mining Project in Sulawesi ( Bahodopi and Pomalla ) for expatriates position :

  1. Project Manager

    • Having a diversified experience in construction, coordination and project management including multi-disciplinary coordinating activities with international contractors, and particularly for large civil or mining construction projects (minimum of 20 years' experience)
    • Having experience working in Indonesia remote area
  2. Engineering Lead

    • 15 years of experience - The Engineering Lead oversees and coordinates the various engineering reviews of the construction contractor’s detailed design.
    • Have extensive experience in the field of engineering, especially with mining and mineral processing, typically with a Bachelor (S1) qualification.
    • Having experience working in Indonesia remote area
  3. Construction Manager

    • Minimum 15 years of experience
    • Leads overview and management of the construction contractors executing the project scope. provide leadership and direction to the PCM team for all aspects of construction and site work.
    • Having experience working in Indonesia remote area
  4. Contracts Manager

    • Minimum 15 years of experience
    • oversee the administration of the construction contracts in
    • accordance with established project , procedures and processes.


Please send your CV to Recruitment.Rdmp@worley.com with subject email : position title

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  • Berakhir: 2021-09-30 23:59:59 - Standar Waktu Asia Tenggara
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