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PT Rekayasa Cakrawala Resources

PT Rekayasa Cakrawala Resources (RECARE) was established on July 27, 2006, in Jakarta by PT Rekayasa Engineering, one of the leading engineering companies in Indonesia. When it was founded, RECARE's main business was Man Power Supply to meet the workforce needs of PT Rekayasa Industri (REKIND), and along the way we also provide a professional workforce for bigger-scope projects.

We are currently taking applicants for the following positions:


1. Mobile Developer (Android)


  • Have at least 1 year experience in developing mobile applications
  • Using Kotlin for Android development
  • Familiar with Git for versioning
  • Have a good understanding of OOP
  • Understand using SQLite and RESTful concept
  • Understanding RDBMS is an advantage
  • Can work independently
  • Possess experience in using Adobe XD, Figma, or Sketch (or at least one of them)
  • Have an understanding of design patterns
  • Contract Based - Jakarta


2. Back-end Developer


  • Have min 2 years experiences in related field development
  • Have good analysis
  • Using Python Language for Backend development, using Djang framework
  • Being able to use the PHP language with the Laravel framework is an advantage
  • Familiar with using Swagger for API documentation
  • Understand the use of MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL databases
  • Understanding NoSQL such as Redis, MongoDB, RethinkDB, or Firebase is an advantage
  • Familiarity with using Git for versioning
  • Have a good understanding of OOP
  • Have an understanding of the RESTful concept
  • Having an understanding of RESTful alternatives such as GraphQL or gRPC is an advantage
  • Having experience in supporting realtime applications is an advantage
  • Can work independently
  • Good communication skill
  • Have an understanding of pattern design software
  • Contract Based - Jakarta


3. Training Program Development Staff


  • Bachelor degree all majors (preferably from Training and Education Faculty)
  • 0-2 years experiences in general office
  • Able to create and compile a training syllabus and modules.
  • Able to develop training packages
  • Responsible to the end-to-end process of the knowledge centre tasks
  • Contract Based - Jakarta


4. Knowledge Center Staff


  • Diploma/Bachelor degree all majors
  • Min 5 years experience in the same field
  • Have expertise in graphic design and video editing as well as digital marketing understanding
  • Able to create training module content (text, enriched graphical, and video)
  • Possess experience in creating flyers, infographics, short video for marketing purpose and fill website and social media content
  • Responsible to compile a database of training materials
  • Contract Based - Jakarta


5. Tank Superintendent


  • Bachelor degree's in Engineering
  • Intensive knowledge and work experience related Tank Erection
  • More than 10 years experiences in Construction site Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Refinery Plant as Mechanical Supervisor (Tank Erection)
  • 5-10 years experiences in this position are welcomed too.
  • Contract Based - Jakarta/Balikpapan


6. Electrical Designer (3D)


  • Diploma/Bachelor degree's in Electrical Engineering or related major
  • 5 years experiences as 3D Design
  • Experience in SP3D Modelling of Electrical
  • Fluent in English
  • Contract Based


7. Electrical Designer (2D)


  • Diploma/Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering or related major
  • 5 years experiences in the same field
  • Familiar with 2D Drawing Software
  • Fluent in English
  • Contract Based


8. Electrical Engineer (Junior Level)


  • D3/S1 Degree in Electrical Engineer
  • Experiences 4-7 years in the same field (Power Plant Sector is preferable)
  • Excellent English
  • Contract Based


9. Electrical Engineer (Middle Level)


  • S1 Degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Experience: 7-15 years in the same field (Power Plant Sector is preferable)
  • Excellent English
  • Have capability: Investigate of Control Cable Ground System related to control card damage by lightning impact
  • Contract Based


10. Instrument Engineer


  • Bachelor's Degree in Instrument / Physics engineering from reputable university
  • At least 5 years experience on engineering department as Control/Instrument Engineer or System Integration Engineer
  • Good Experience with P&ID, DCS, PLC, Design & Programming
  • Possesses experience in Freeport (preferable)
  • Willing to work in surface mine and UG mine, Papua
  • Contract Based


Please send your CV torecruitment@recare.rekayasa.co.id  or visit our web http://recare.rekayasa.com/  and register


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