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IT Executive - PT Lestari Banten Energi

PT Lestari Banten Energi, a member of Genting Group, is an Independent Power Producer Company which owns and operates 1x625MWNet Coal Fired Super Critical Steam Power Plant in Salira – Banten. The plant achieved Commercial Date in March 2017 and is currently operating continuously to supply power to PLN Grid.

We are currently seeking for an Experienced Professional to join our Operation and Maintenance Team at the position of:


Position: IT Executive

Education: S1 Information Technology

Experience: Minimal 5 years of IT Experience

General Job Description

  1. Direct the development, implementation and administration of all IT System.
  2. Perform Project management of IT initiatives.
  3. Ensure timely and accurate delivery of technology products and services and manage multiple areas of technology and multiple departments.
  4. Oversee new system facilitation, current system enhancements.
  5. Manage internal/external application upgrades
  6. Define and improve all system and network operations processes.

Manage and maintain:

  • General computer system including servers (internet & intranet) and clients (desktops and laptop), attendance record, access control
  • Networking and security system (router, access point, firewall, antivirus), running regular checks on network and data security.
  • Identifying and acting on opportunities to improve and update software and systems
  • SAP including Maintenance Management System, Material Management System, Procurement and Finance
  • Interfacing to OPC System - PI (OSIsoft)
  • PTW system (NiSoft)
  • Telecommunication system

Send your CV to: recruitment.ptlbe@gentingenergy.com


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