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PT. Istech Resources Asia

PT. Istech Resources Asia  is a Regional leader company that focus in delivering project management and engineering services to the  Oil and Gas sector,

We are currently looking for some professional and experienced candidates to fill the position as below:


Admin Assistant


  • Diploma Secretarial graduate or Business administration/Management
  • Minimum 2 years experience as secretarial functions for managerial level personnel
  • Training and Courses:
    • Employee Induction including HSE Awareness
    • Introduction to the oil & gas industry organised by SEAPEX
    • Office Computer Application Advance Course
    • Secretarial or administration Advance Course - Re. Communicating Assertively,
  • Knowledge, Technical, and Professional Skills :
    • Capable to use office application computer program
    • Good knowledge of administrative work
    • Good command of spoken and written English
  • Required Competencies:
    • Problem solving
    • Maintain absolute confidentiality/discretion
    • Flexibility
    • Innovation
    • Decision making
    • Teamwork
    • Relations management
    • Communication and negotiation


ORF Automation Technician


  • Diploma in Physics/Electronics Engineering graduate or equivalent
  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Minimum 5 years experience of Oil & Gas Industry experience
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office
  • Familiar with Microsoft windows client and servers
  • Familiar with PLC,SCADA,DCS of various manufactures
  • Hands of experience in troubleshooting control system in term of logic and hardware, and network, and related field devices/transmitters
  • Familiar with modbus communication and OPC
  • Familiar with design of Process Control System, Emergency Shutdown System, and Fire and Gas System
  • Technical:
    1. Experience in PLC and SCADA of various brands : Schneider, DeltaV, Siemens and Allen Bradley
    2. Good knowledge in programming logic and HMI by using various language :Ladder, Function Block Diagram, "C" or Visual Basic based scripting language
    3. Must have ability to read P&ID, Loop Diagrams, Junction Box and marshalling cabinet schematic diagram, cable block diagrams, and control schematic, etc.
    4. Good knowledge in design of PCS, ESD and F&G.
    5. Knowledge of hazardous and non hazardous area equipment certifications.
    6. Knowledge of various electronics parts used in marshalling panel.
    7. Experience in Root Cause Analysis and in troubleshooting of control system in hardware and logic.
    8. Familiar with data exchange of SCADA system through modbus, and setup of OPC
    9. server and client


Emergency Response Officer


  • Degree in Engineering
  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • Minimum 3-7 years experience in HSE (preferably in Oil & Gas Industry)
  • Analytical skill, Problem Solving, Team Work, Communiation
  • Professional Skill : Emergency Management System, Oil Spill Management System, and Regulation Requirement
  • Required Competencies:
    • HSES Management System


Offshore-Field Operator


  • Degree in Engineering or equivalent
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office
  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • 5 years of Oil & Gas Industry experience
  • Technical
    1. Proficient in operation of Gas Turbines and generators including support packages and ancillary equipment
    2. Thorough knowledge of the operation of all FPU & ORF process facillities
    3. Knowledge of subsea system, Custody Metering System, Orf and offshore operations desired.
    4. Demonstrate appropriate safety behaviours and commitment to environmental policies
    5. Using experience and knowledge to investigate and rectify operational problems working mainly unsupervised
    6. Active in mentoring program and develop less experienced operators
    7. Ability to conduct Operations Process upset-Trouble Shooting in field facilities
    8. Having good understanding for resevoir,drilling & work-over, well test & Front Line Maintenance program
    9. Familiar with Custody Metering System-Oil & Gas, Multiphase Flow Meter (MPFM) & Gas Chromatograph (CG)
    10. Isolate /de-isolate equipment for maintenance purposes
    11. Support and Technologies: Standart ISO,TQM and Quality System, Technical requirement and standard


Instrument Technician


  • Degree in Engineering or equivalent
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office
  • Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia
  • 5 years of Oil & Gas Industry experience
  • Preferably Have Certificated of HSE Awareness, T-BOSIET (1ST time) /T-FOET (refreshment), advance Fire Fighting, CSEA ( Confined Spaces Entrant Attendant)
  • Technical
    1. Knowledge of hazardous areas and hazardous area equipment certification.
    2. Extensive experience with a variety of instrumentation and control equipment and manufacturers of control valves, solenoid valves, instruments analyser,transmitters, etc.
    3. Good knowledge of production facilities in an oil/gas or petrochemical industry and of installation, repair testing and maintenance of wide range of instrumentation and control systems, Fire & Gas Sensors, and Testing and Multiphase metering system.
    4. Must have the ability to read and understand drawings and specifications specific to instrumentation discipline, e.g. P&ID, Loop Diagrams, Junction box and marshalling cabinet schematic diagrams, cable block diagrams, vendor control drawings, etc.
    5. Good working knowledge of pneumatic and electronic field instruments including transmitters, local gauges, meters, solenoid valves, etc. The ability to fault diagnose and repair, calibrate and adjust as required is essential.
    6. Familiar with smart type instrumentations including remote calibration and monitoring via HART Communicators.
    7. Good working knowledge of a range of programmable electronic systems including Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).
    8. The ability to perform online program monitoring as an aid to fault diagnosis is highly desirable.
    9. Must be familiar with standard operating practice with respect to maintenance activities in an operational Oil & Gas production/processing environment, with specific regard to hazardous area practise and restrictions.
    10. Familiar with typical system interfaces to platform control systems and Vendorpackages, electrical switchgear and Motor Control Centres (MCC).
    11. Good working knowledge of Fire & Gas and Emergency shutdown system operation and philosophies, including the ability to read and understand Cause & Effect matrices is essential.
    12. Familiar with Custody Metering System - Oil & Gas, Multiphase Flow Meter(MPFM) and Gas Chromatograph (GC).
    13. Extensive experience and exposure to Root Cause analysis and troubleshooting of operational equipment with state of the art diagnostic techniques.


Mechanical Technician


  • Diploma in Engineering or equivalent
  • 5 years of Oil and Gas industry experience
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office
  • Fluent in Englist and Bahasa Indonesia


Please submit your CV and degree certificate to our email:


With subject : [ Position Code ] - [ Your Name ]

Example : Mechanical Technician - Ahmad Arief

Only selected candidate will be contacted.

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