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Finance Accounting Tax Manager

We are looking for


Finance Accounting Tax Manager

Job requirements:

  1. Minimum Bachelor Degree in Accounting
  2. Female, Max 40 years old
  3. Minimum 10 years experience in same position
  4. Expert with consolidation
  5. Have an updated accountant certificate is a must
  6. Have an experience handle big 4 auditors
  7. High attention to detail and accuracy
  8. Experience in fixed asset management system
  9. Strong leadership to develop and manage solid teamwork
  10. Strong knowledge and experience to conduct daily Accounting, Finance and Tax work process
  11. Fluent in English
  12. Familiar with Chinese Language

Job Responsibilities:

  • Checking & controlling Project budget and expenditure reports
  • Analysis of expenditures regularly
  • Developing accurate accounting, financial and taxation reports in various purpose related
  • Able to conduct daily accounting, financial and tax work related operation of the company
  • Able to provide analysis of financial and taxation data for decision making
  • Able to prepare and develop all taxes planning, tax audit and tax returns
  • Responsible to support independent audit process
  • Able to perform billing works to Clients
  • Develop and or implement efficient, clear and effective SOP

Please kindly send your CV to beta.oktalia@meindo.com

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