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PT Citra Tubindo Engineering (CTE)

PT Citra Tubindo Engineering (CTE) was formed in 2007. Our key areas are Fabrication Works for the Oil & Gas industry, including Petrol & Chemical industries where off-site modular fabrication works are requried. Our other complimentary area of works are for the Conversion/Modification & Refurbishment of small to medium size land and offshore rigs, targeted to the oil & gas industries.    

PT Citra Tubindo Engineering is located in the Kabil (Bonded) Free Trade Zone, Batam Island, Indonesia, where raw materials, machinery and equipment can be imported and finished goods exported duty-free.

CTE is accesible via a 30 minute boat  ride  from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, Batam, Indonesia.

We need to look for new

  1. Senior Welding Engineer

    • with atleast 8-10 years’ experience in Oil & Gas structure welding. Preferably from a Metallurgy background.
  2. HOD Sales/ Sales Engineer

    • Min 3 years experience same level in Oil & Gas Pipe Manufacturing.
  3. Maintenance Engineer

    • Min 3 years experience at same level, required good knowledge and practice in hydraulic machine & Auto cad.
  4. QA Engineer

    • Min has 3 years experience same level in Oil & Gas Pipe Manufacturing & Construction.

send your CV by email to :

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