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Would you like to develop your career ina world class Indonesian mining company?

PT Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk introduces MYTP, a two years structured development program that targets selected outstanding graduates to be Merdeka’s future leaders by equipping with the right knowledge, job experiences, coaching and mentoring from the best mentor in the industry Submission:




  1. A Bachelor and/or Master's Degree in Geology, Geodetic Engineering, Geophysics, Mining Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Metallurgical Engineering from a reputable Indonesia/overseas University with 3 years of working experience at most
  2. Minimum 3.30 out of 4.0 GPA scale or equivalent
  3. Having excellent English conversation and written communication skills
  4. Maximum 27 years old for Bachelor (S1) or 29 years old for Master (S2)
  5. A passionate young person with leadership experiences in campus or student organizations is a plus
  6. Having strong analytical thinking and presentation skills
  7. Having the ability to perform well both independently and in a team

If you meet the requirements, please submit your CV to

November 9th - December 4th 2020


The suitable candidates will ONLY be contacted by email recruitment@merdekacoppergold.com

Please be aware of any recruitment scams that use our company name. Merdeka Copper Gold will not be responsible for any misconduct. The registration is free of charge

Participating universities: UI, ITB, UPN Yogyakarta, ITS, UNPAD, UNDIP, UGM

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