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PT Darma Henwa Tbk. has executed a wide range of mining projects from reputable clients with an impressive result and quality, which then led the company to be known as a renowned mining services provider in Indonesia.

We are open position, such as:


  1. Head of Workshop [Code: HO WHS]

  2. Head of Supply Chain Management [Code: HO SCM]

  3. Head of Purchasing Management [Code: HO PCH]

  4. Buyer [Code: BYR]

  5. Warehouse Team Leader [Code: WHS TL]

  6. Head of HR Operation [Code: HO HRO]

  7. HRGA Specialist [Code: HR SPC]

  8. Head of HSE Operational [Code: HSE OPS]

  9. Safety Supervisor [Code: HSE SPV]

  10. SCM & Warehouse Account Executive [Code: SCM AE]

  11. Hydraulic & Cylinder Engineer [Code: PLM HCE]

  12. Fuel & Lube Supervisor [Code: FLB SPV]

  13. AC Repair Engineer [Code: ACR ENG]

  14. Mechanical Engineer [Code: MEC ENG]

  15. Transmission & Final Drive Engineer [Code: TFD ENG]

  16. Hydraulic & Cylinder Engineer [Code: HC ENG]

  17. Electrical Harness Engineer [Code: ELC ENG]

  18. Equipment Assembly Engineer [Code: EA ENG]


  1. Senior High School of any major except minimum Bachelor degree (No. 1,2,3,6) from Industrial Engineering, Machine, Electrical, or relevant background.
  2. Has minimum experience of 10 years (No. 1,2,3,6,8,9) or 7 years (No. 11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18) or 5 years (No. 10), (No. 3 years (No. 4,5,7).
  3. Has experience in mining company and able to understand English, both verbal and written.
  4. Capable to purchase materials for mining equipment from Globaly & Domestic area (No. 2, 3,4), and capable to manage all accounts activities (No. 10).
  5. Has experience in manufacture of all component unit in Mining equipment and others relevant component (No. 1) and having experience in repairing and or assembly mining equipment & unit (No. 11, 14,15,16,18), able to remanufactur Center Warehouse (No. 5, 10), and able to control fuel & lube usage (No. 12).
  6. Understand HR policies and practice (No. 6, 7) and safety implementation in mining area (No. 8,9).
  7. Able to repair all types of electrical harness and able to do overhaulic for Alternator and Wheel motors (No. 17), and Air Conditioner of unit (No. 13).


Send your current CV and photo with maximum size 1 Mb to: recruitment@ptdh.co.id
With subject: Code of position you applied.

Before 10th October 2020

*Please do careful for any scam and or fraud that using our company name and logo. Take a caution before you purchase anything for third party. Please contact our official number and email for any inquiries.


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