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Corporate Legal Manager - Sinar Mas Mining (SMM)

Sinar Mas Mining (SMM), one of pillars in Sinar Mas group, conglomeration enterprise in Indonesia as a global mining company and beyond.

SMM has grown with 60+ business entities focused on technology innovation across 4 industries; Renewable Energy, Digital Enabled Financial Services, Lifestyle, Investment & Incubation.

As a trusted company with customer oriented, we continue to uphold the corporate governance, make an opportunity to create meaningful impact to communities, creating leaders from within, and always be ready to face the dynamics of change and challenges in order to achieve sustainable growth.


Corporate Legal Manager

Job Description:

  • Review contract drafting of the company
  • Handling legal matters of the company
  • Give some advise for legal operational and support other division if needed Advising the Management for any legal issues 
  • Liaise with public notaries, external lawyers and government authorities in relation to the general corporate, licensing and corporate secretarial matters
  • Ensuring compliance of laws and regulations for all operations in an organization
  • Securing company and it’s all possessions from any illegal problems

Requirements : 

  • Bachelor or Master degree in Law or equivalent
  • A minimum of 8 years’ experience in related position
  • Have an advocate license (Berita Acara Sumpah Pengangkatan Advokat/PERADI)
  • Deep knowledge with update applicable law and regulation in mining,shipping, financial services or any other industries


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