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Join Us as a Boarding Officer/Ship Agent



Boarding Officer/Ship Agent

“Oversee the ship’s interest when it is at port. Negotiate with authorities and terminal operators on behalf of the vessel and its crew”

You may be required to :

  • Arranging where ships are to berth so their cargo can be either loaded or discharged
  • Assist in the coordination of pilot, tug, linesman orders, berthing assignments for vessels
  • Adhere to internal administration and accounting procedures
  • The calculation of the number of port operatives requires to load and unload in a safe timely manner
  • Works closely with other management personnel to ensure that they can carry out their job with the greates efficiency thereby ensuring client and Liaise daily with other port users shipping agent
  • Ship’s crew document that all procedures as per related regulation
    and assist or help the Crewing department
  • Assist the Crewing department  to ensure that all Sea Staff onboard as per crew list
  • To ensure all personnel files of the sea staff are kept up to date  and any deficiency brought to the notice of the Crewing department
  • Working closely with port and harbor authorities to understand legal requirements and have a full understanding of all harbor master procedures
  • Prepare commercial maritime documents


  • Male, Age min. 25 years old
  • Has minimum experience 1 years (fresh graduate is considerable)
  • Must at least have a Bachelor Degree in Maritime School
  • Good communication in English (is better)
  • Target achived, hardworking, strong analytical, and decision making skills
  • Able to work under pressure, and/or with tight deadline and urgency conditions
  • Placement in Samarinda but candidates must ready to do travelling to vesses


If you meet the above qualifications, please send your application to email : recruitment@ptpss.co.id

We regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates would be notified.

We wish you all the best in your career search.

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