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Naval or Marine Engineer for Mooring Integration Test - Offshore PT. SUPRACO INDONESIA


Jakarta based company with more than 33 years of experience in providing services to oil and gas industry and Geothermal in Indonesia. We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position for our projects


Naval or Marine Engineer for

Mooring Integration Test - Offshore:

  1. Understand and has knowledge for all type of mooring system: catenary, taut leg, semi-taut, spread, single point, dynamic, turret catenary anchor leg mooring, etc.
  2. Well experience in onshore & offshore mooring integration test for FPSO, TLP, Semi Submersible, etc. for minimum 10 years, has conducted such test in offshore and onshore.
  3. Has the technical capability and experiences (minimum 2x experienced to conduct offshore integration test) to team up with Client, EPCC Contractor, and mooring vendor in integration test engineering and test plan.
  4. Able to delivery and produce the Site Integration Test preparation, select the required  equipment-machineries and consumable including manpower required to execute the mooring site integration test.
  5. To act as project coordinator liase with project Owner and EPCC contractor, equipment vendors is responsible to conduct the integration test and getting approval from the class – DNV.
  6. To follow from the design and understand all the ocean behavior on the integration site in preparing his integration plan.


Kirim Curriculum Vitae ke:

Email: recruitment@supraco.com


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