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Job vacancy at PT. Promincon Indonesia a PMA Drilling Company

We are PMA Drilling Company portable diamond core drilling services in Indonesia. Our commitment is to provide professional contract drilling service to our clients in the Indonesian mining and exploration industry. This has been achieved by engaging excellent, experienced and motivated personnel throughout our organization as well as manufacturing a range of portable diamond core drills and utilizing high quality drill rods, drill bits, tools, equipment and other drilling consumables.

We are seeking for best candidates to fill the vacant position:


Diamond Core Driller

  • Min. senior high school degree / STM
  • 7 years’ experience in Diamond Core Drilling
  • Must pass medical examination
  • Project Location Based
  • Having certificate POP / POM
  • Good English communication both of written and verbal


Heavy Duty Mechanic

  1. Min. senior high school degree / STM
  2. 7 years’ experience in mining company
  3. Must pass medical examination
  4. Experiences in mining equipment such as Drilling machine and hydraulics
  5. Familiar with mechanical, auto electrical and welding
  6. Project Location Based
  7. Having certificate POP / POM
  8. Good English communication both of written and verbal


Please send your qualified CV and related Certificate to: ipromincon@gmail.com dan info@ptpmc.com

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