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PT Darma Henwa Tbk. has executed a wide range of mining projects from reputable clients with an impressive result and quality, which then led the company to be known as a renowned mining services provider in Indonesia.

We are open position, such as:



(Code : HRSPV_Name)

Job Scope:

Directing, coordinating, planning, monitoring, evaluating and reporting all activities of the implementation of compensation and benefits, the recruitment & selection process in order to ensure the fulfillment of manpower, employee personnel administration, general affairs, and security coordination in the project in order to ensure work plans and HR policies can be implemented according to policies & procedures in force and the department's work plan that has been determined.


  • Bachelor Degree of Psychology/Law/Industrial Engineering/Management/Economy.
  • Has work experience min 3 years in the same field.
  • Has experience minimum 2 years as HR Supervisor is preferred.
  • In depth knowledge about HR, business process, HR procedure and regulation, labor laws, HR audit.
  • Having TOT, Assessment Centre Certificates are preferred.
  • Have good communication.
  • Contract based position is available.
  • Preferably domiciled in Bandung or Jakarta.
  • Willing to be placed in PT Darma Henwa, Tbk all project area.



(Code : GMENG_Name)

Job Scope:

Formulate and evaluate the strategy of implementing Engineering Management System and Mine Development in an effort to realize Operation Excellent that is in line with the Company's Vision and in accordance with HSE system standards.

Consolidates all strategies, issues, tools & equipment that support the Company's operational activities and oversees and ensures all Project activities and all activities that support the achievement of margin, profitability and project productivity are in accordance with the target set by the Company to meet the client's production demand which will provide output to the Company in the form of profit and growth as determined.


  • Minimum Bachelor Degree of Mining Engineering / Geology Engineering.
  • Has work experience min 15 years in the same field.
  • Has experience minimum 5 years as Manager Engineering.
  • In depth knowledge about mining process, HSE procedures, units/tools specification, macro process operation engineering, plant maintenance process.
  • Mastered on TQM, macro process operation engineering & safety mining contractors, financial analyst, cost and budgeting.
  • Hold POP/POM Certificate.
  • Full position is available.



(Code : MTPE_Name)

Job Scope:

Develop a midterm mine design and plan (8 weekly-3 monthly-1 year) in the project based on geologist data, survey data and "sequences" that are correct in accordance with the technical operations of the mine which includes production plans and estimation of tool requirements and performs anticipatory steps to change from customer requests in order to improve the effectiveness of mining operations in accordance with HSE standards and customer desires.


  • Bachelor Degree of Geology / Mining Engineering.
  • Has experience minimum 5 years as Mining Engineering.
  • In depth knowledge about mining process, mine design, mine analyst, mining basecase, units/tools specification, HR procedure and regulation, HSE procedure.
  • Mastered on use mine software.
  • Hold POP/POM Certificate.
  • Full position is available.
  • Willing to be placed in PT Darma Henwa, Tbk all project area.

If you interested to fill these positions, please send your CV to: recruitment@ptdh.co.id with the subject as proposed position before 30th November 2019

Please be aware of certain frauds or misinformation regarding recruitment advertising on behalf of PT Darma Henwa, Tbk. We never ask for any payments whatsoever from applicants or candidates during the recruitment process. We never ask applicants or candidates to use specific travel agent services to make arrangements for transportation and accommodation during the process.

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