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BME Indonesia

Formed in 1984 on the strength of a new cold emulsion technology that has since become an industry standard, BME now offers cutting-edge products and services at every stage in the explosives supply chain. We are today a leading manufacturer and supplier in Africa of explosives, related accessories and blasting services to the mining, quarrying and construction industries.

BME Indonesia is currently recruiting for following positions:



Location : Kalimantan Project Site
Position Code : TD - TSE

Main Purpose

  • To research, develop and test blasting optimisation technology and analyse models, as well as provide high-tech consulting services to internal and external stakeholders on request to advertise BME's capability thus ensuring BME remains the supplier/service provider of choice.
  • To provide BME Indonesia business units with expert technical decisions, information and advice on product mix to meet existing and future market needs.
  • To use BME Mining Services’ blasting expertise to the best advantage of the company and its stakeholders by applying blasting expertise to the various BME Indonesia business units in a professional manner. To cement strategic relationships and optimize business returns for both BME Indonesia and its customers thus ensuring company credibility and competitive edge in the market place.

Job Objectives

  • To test blasting optimisation technology in order to provide the highest quality blasting products and services available.
  • To conduct and manage blasting risk assessments, blast optimisation designs, blast performance results, specialist blast designs, numerical modelling for critical blasts and submit relevant reports within the prescribed timeframes.
  • To ensure that all the requirements of the Mine Health and Safety Act, OHS Act, and statutory requirements within the department/remit thus ensuring effective management of SHERQ and adherence to stipulated disciplines for continuous improvement of occupational Safety, Health, Environment, Risk and Quality that impact on any organisation.
  • To stay abreast of global technical advances in the field of blasting, and assist with the development, implementation and monitoring of policies, procedures and processes to ensure process excellence and continual process improvement.
  • To assist in providing advanced technical training for internal and external stakeholders.
  • To manage all aspects of human capital through the HR value chain and in accordance with policies, procedures and applicable legislation.
  • Understands the suitability and applicability of data collection and blast monitoring techniques.
  • Competent use of relevant blasting models.
  • Thorough understanding of mining techniques.
  • Regularly performs cost analysis of drill & blast function.
  • Understands influence of D & B costs on mining costs.
  • Able to handle blasting related investigations and seeks assistance where necessary and seeks approval for implementing solutions.
  • Involved in field trialling of new products.

Job Specific Requirements
Job Knowledgee

  • Sound knowledge of applicable of blasting software
  • Working knowledge of mining operations
  • Technical knowledge of mining explosives and services


  • Sound knowledge of numerical modelling and field monitoring techniques 
  • Good working knowledge of the explosive’s regulations
  • Sound understanding of blasting physics
  • Knowledge of SHERQ
  • Knowledge of project management
  • Commercial knowledge

Job Related Skills

  • Intermediate skills in Ms Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Email)
  • Technical skills in blast designs
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Research capability and skill (E) Analyse scientific data


  • Quality management skills
  • Technical negotiation and influencing skills

Job Experience

  • 5 years' continuous working experience in blasting technical services and consulting in the field of blasting
  • Proven track record in a blasting technology environment


  • Technical report writing experience
  • Project management


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mining Engineering


  • Advanced blasting technology course through an accredited institution
  • Blasting ticket
  • Trained in the application of blast monitoring equipment



Location : Kalimantan Project Site
Position Code : MTC - ELC

Main Purpose

  • Responsible for all electrical maintenance activities at BME site.

Job Objectives

  • Assist with daily routine equipment inspection
  • Assist with routine maintenance.
  • Assist with any electrical maintenance.
  • Assist with general maintenance.
  • Attend to any breakdowns.

Job Specific Requirements
Job Knowledgee

  • Knowledge in Delta V plant control systems would be an advantage.
  • Mechanical ability (advantageous)
  • Trouble shooting (Fault finding)
  • Must have a valid driver’s license

Job Related Skills:

  • Communication skills (verbal)
  • Safety Conscious
  • Quality Conscious
  • Must be a dependable person that is able to work unsupervised, independently
  • Medically fit and energetic with sober habits

Job Experience:

  • 5 Years’ experience in plant and MPU maintenance.
  • Extensive knowledge in the maintenance of VFD’s general plant switchgear
  • PLC controls and basic instrumentation


  • Technical High School (Automotive & Electrical)

General Requirement:
Min 21 Years old

Please send your CV and supporting documents with POSITION CODE as email subject to:


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