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PT Arutmin Indonesia; Transshipment Administration Officer (contract-based)


PT Arutmin Indonesia is a global leading company in energy coal business with mine operations and a world- class coal terminal in South Kalimantan. To support its business growth, the company 1s searching for a potential dynamic individual to fill the vacant position in the company as:


Transshipment Administration Officer (contract-based)

This position is responsible to support transshipment coordinator in order to monitor and ensure all transshipment barging activities and vessel loading operation at offshore running well within budgeted target to support company objectives

  • Major in Merchant Marine Academy KLAK or any relevant discipline
  • Good knowledge about international shipping regulation & practices
  • Good understanding about FTB, TB, FC, specification & Contract Management
  • Good understanding about cargo/custom documentation
  • Good communication both in English and Bahasa Computer literate
  • Having high commitment to company standards in environmental, safety, business, and code of conduct

Send your application with code (Trans) as the subject to : hrd@arutmin.com


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