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Mammoet - The Biggest Thing We Move Is Time

Am I made for Mammoet? Is Mammoet made for me? If you’re asking these questions, the answer to both of them could be ‘yes’. At Mammoet we have an open culture and questioning things is a big part of that. It doesn’t matter what your area of expertise is, if you ask the right questions and want to find the answers then you might be made for us. And we might be made for you.


  1. Crane Operator

  2. Rigger

  3. Transport Supervisor

  4. Lifting Supervisor

  5. Safety Officer

  6. Mechanic


  • Education background : Senior High School or higher
  • Has experience in the related field (minimum 2 years for non supervisor position and 3 years for supervisor position)
  • Willing to be located in all Mammoet Indonesia operating areas
  • Hold Operator License (SIO)/ Rigger Certificate, Migas certificate as required by position


Please submit your CV along copy of education certificate, past employemrnt letter and SKCK to:



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