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Mubadala Petroleum

Opportunities in Oil and Gas

Mubadala Petroleum is the operator of the Ruby gas field, Sebuku Block. Our commitment is to support Indonesia economic growth and to operate to the highest safety and environmental standards. As a part of this exciting journey, we are seeking for the following position:

  1. Drilling Admin & Assistant Formalities/HSSE Officer

  2. Drilling Marine & Logistics Coordinator

  3. Drilling Fluids Specialist

  4. Well Test Supervisor

  5. Procurement (Drilling)

Your success to date must demonstrate your passion in delivering work to high standards and working in a cohesive team in order to produce results. Fluency in both English and Bahasa Indonesia (oral and written) is a must.

At Mubadala Petroleum, we value Purpose, Passion and Performance. If you can see yourself on our team, drill deeper and contact us today.

Visit us at: www.mubadalapetroleum.com/careers

This application closes on 12th of June 2019

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