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PT Lestari Banten Energi


PT Lestari Banten Energi, one of an IPP ( Independent Power Producer ) Under Genting group of companies, Is  looking for qualified candidates For the position of:


Sr. Technician / Technician Instrumen

The position will be responsible for:

  • Understand basic aspects of control and instruments maintenance.
  • Ability to use personal computer in basic applications for PLC software, DCS Software, instrument interface Software, spreadsheets, data base and word processing and maintenance management systems reporting.
  • Knowledge of Pneumatic, MOV and Hydraulic Instrument.
  • Knowledge calibration and troubleshooting all instrument component in boiler and Turbine area such as motorize valves, controller PID, LIC, LCV, actuators, pressure transmitter, flow transmitter and level transmitter, pressure switch, level switch, flow switch, temperature (thermocouple and RTD PT100), Damper Pneumatic and O2 analyzers, Coal Feeder.
  • Ability to use Instrument calibrator and test equipment such as multi-meter, process meter, documenting process calibrator and HART Communicator.
  • Good knowledge of basic methods for troubleshooting and adjusting instruments and controls systems including DCS System.
  • Ability to detect and correct faulty instrumentation and control devices.
  • Good understanding of all control instrument and DCS system in the Power Plant.


  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of power plant operations.
  •  Knowledge and understanding of Safety Rules (HIRAC, JSA).
  • Computer Knowledge and Understanding.
  • Communication Skill.

Qualifications / Minimum Requirement


  • Minimum requirement : Diploma (D3) in Electrical/Electronic or Physics Technical Engineering.
  • Minimum 3 years working experience for Diploma (D3) the power plant industry, Petrochemical Industry or Oil/Gas Industry or 2 years for Bachelor (S1) in Instrumentation & Control System Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering or Physics Technical Engineering.


Please submit your comprehensive resume to:


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