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Lowongan Kerja Martabe Gold Mine

Martabe Gold Mine is managed and operated by PT Agincourt Resources. The mine covers an area of 30 km² that falls under the sixth generation of Contract of Work (CoW) covering a total area of 1,639 km².

The resource base on 31 December 2017 includes 8.8 Moz of gold and 72 Moz of silver. Production commenced at Martabe on 24 July 2012. The operating capacity of Martabe Gold Mine is in excess of 5 mtpa ore to produce in excess of 300,000 oz of gold and 2-3 Moz of silver per annum

PT Agincourt Resources engages more than 2,600 employees and contractors, with approximately 98% Indonesians, of which more than 70% were recruited from local people.

To strengthen the existing maintenance management team and to ensure the achievement of the company objectives, the Martabe Gold Mine is looking for candidate to fill the role:



This position will be based at Martabe Site in OHS & Training Department, working on schedule 4 Weeks on; 2 weeks off and reports directly to Superintendent – Safety.

The Role of the Supervisor – Safety is:

  • Lead by example in matters of health, safety and respect for the environment and local communities.
  • Assist the OHS Manager in implementation of the OHS Department Annual Plan, including;
    • Participation in HSE inspections.
    • Participation in HSE management committees and forums.
    • Preparation and delivery of OHS awareness and training materials.
    • Preparation pf OHS statistics and reporting.
    • Participation in JSEA and risk assessments.
    • Support to the KTT in meeting statutory requirements.
    • Administration of the INX incident management system.
    • Support of PTAR Departments in delivery of OHS programmers.
  • Proactively manage OHS within the OHS Department.
  • Participation in the PTAR Crisis Management System.
  • Actively contribute to development of the PTAR HSE Management System.

Candidates for this role would be expected to have the following qualifications and experience:

  1. Minimum S1 in OHS, Mining Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.
  2. 5 years experience in the field of safety at mining and construction industries.
  3. Demonstrate a sound knowledge in the field of Health and Safety.
  4. Knowledge of Mine Safety Act and Regulations.
  5. Knowledge in the field of risk assessment and risk management.
  6. Knowledge of incident investigation practices to identify causes and remedial actions.
  7. Familiar with open pit mining operation and operational of Heavy Moving Equipment.
  8. Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to work well with others as part of a team and contribute to a harmonious working environment.
  9. Enthusiasm, self-motivation and the ability to maintain direction and achieve work objectives with minimal supervision.
  10. Ability to communicate both written and verbal in English.
  11. Competent in personal computer applications including Excel, Word & Power Point.
  12. Should have a valid Driver A License.
  13. Preferable female candidate.



This position will be based at Martabe Site in Camp Services Department, working on schedule 4 Weeks on; 2 weeks off and reports directly to Superintendent – Camp Services.

The role of this position is to manage the operation of PTAR gym activities which include:

  1. Delivery of one-on-one fitness coaching for employees utilising the gym.
  2. Planning, scheduling and delivery of a structure exercise calendar (rolling monthly program) for the site, including but not limited to: gym workout sessions, aerobic sessions, sports oval-based activities, office-based activities (lunch-time yoga stretching sessions, etc.)
  3. Delivery of the Company’s Fit for Life Program.
  4. Monitoring the safety all persons exercising at the gym and engaged in related exercise activities, ensuring proper and safe use of gym equipment, and ensuring that individuals exercise sensibly taking into account personal fitness and health limitations.
  5. Monitoring the physical condition of the gym and associated equipment, and ensuring that unsafe equipment is removed from service and unsafe conditions are reported.
  6. Participating in monthly Fit for Life Program coordination meetings.
  7. Assisting PTAR staff in the production of fitness and health awareness materials.
  8. Implementation of an exercise and fitness assessment program for the site’s Emergency Response Team.

Candidates for this role would be expected to have the following qualifications and experience:

  1. A minimum of 4 years of employment as a fitness trainer including both personal and class instructor experience.
  2. Possess recognized certification, CPR certification, First Aid Certification.
  3. Additionally, documented experience in the delivery of a range of training programs such as: Weight loss; “Boot Camp” training; Yoga; Flexibility; Core Training; Lower back pain, Injury prevention, Rehabilitation, Aerobic, High Intensity Interval Training; Tai Bo, Kick boxing or other martial art.
  4. Have knowledge about gym equipment.
  5. Excellent communication skill.
  6. Able to operate computer.
  7. Good speak and write in English.
  8. Encourage Female to apply



This position will be based at Martabe Site in Finance Department, and reports directly to Superintendent - Finance.

The Role of Management Accountant is to:

  • Work closely with the finance team in the production of financial information and reports.
  • Preparation of monthly financial report to agreed deadline, including Profit and Loss, cash flow, balance sheet reconciliations and variance commentary.Assisting and collating the forecasting and budgeting process.
  • Liaising with all managerial staff in all department to have financial data such as accrual, physicals and commentaries to support monthly financial report.  Processing financial journal, maintain GL reconciliations, accruals, prepayment, and adhoc documets.
  • Undertaking cost investigation and sending out financial statements to cost centre owner/department.

Candidates for this role would be expected to have the following qualifications and experience:

  1. Bachelor Degree in Accounting or Economic.
  2. Having 3 year experience in Financial Reporting.
  3. Excellent analytical and numerical abilities.
  4. Having experience working with number, detail and deadline.
  5. Practical knowledge and experience in all Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.).
  6. Able to communicate in English effectively.
  7. Able to operate Pronto or systems Financial.
  8. Good understanding in leadership and team building skills.
  9. Female and local candidates are preferred.


If you believe, you possess the skills, qualification and experience to fill in the position, please send in your CV complete with your latest photograph by quoting the position title & code on the email subject, no later than April 24, 2019 to:

Human Resources Department – PT Agincourt Resources


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