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Oil and Gas Job Opportunities 2019


A multinational company in oil and gas industry is in urgent need for some candidates to join our logistic and operation support in these positions:

  1. Warehouse Operation (WO)

    1. Manage material movement flow in the process of receiving storage and issuing, maintain data record control and accuracy.
  2. Supply Base and Warehouse Technical Support (WS)

    1. Administer all supportive aspect in supply base activity
  3. Supply Base and Warehouse Operating Lead (WL)

    1. Supervise and lead the overall operational of Company Base Manage all aspect of material management flow to maintain control and accuracy.
  4. Cargo Handling Operation (CH)

    1. Provide efficient planning and execution in cargo handling within base operation and ensure safety policies are well-implemented including lifting procedures compliances.
  5. Operations Dispatcher (OD)

    1. Execute all transportation planned by supervisors on-time and safely.


  • Ability to use Microsoft Office
  • Good in Bahasa and English
  • Teamwork and flexibility
  • Cost effective
  • Willing to be placed in shore base (Balikpapan based) with on /off 14/14 for WO. WL. CH. OD and regular 5:2 for WS.


  1. Diploma 1 (WO, WS, WL, CH) or Diploma 3 (OD) from any discipline.
  2. At Least 5 years’ experience in oII and gas operations (WO, WS, WL, CH).
  3. At least 3-5 years’ experience on the oilfield and/or marine industry as a dispatcher (OD).
  4. Experience in open yard operations (min. 5 years) (WO, WS).
  5. Ability of material handling (WO). warehousing process (WS). storage material (WL, CH) transportation planning and scheduling (OD)
  6. Proficiency in Database Management (WO, WS, WL CH) Material Management System Module (WL).
  7. Service oriented and problem solving skill (OD)


Send your latest CV and related documents to recruitment.shorebase2019@gmail.com

 Interview session #1 will be held on Saturday. February 16th. 2019 in Balikpapan.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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