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Lowongan Kerja Migas PT. Mesco Sarana Nusantara



  1. Screening CVs and match them with each Job Qualification.
  2. Shortlist and provide the top 5 of CVs for each position to User Department.
  3. Conduct Phone Interview using English Language.
  4. Conduct Selection Test using client Tools : Culture Fit, Aptitude.
  5. Provide selection result and summary.
  6. Provide weekly report of recruitment process.
  1. 6.Conduct reference check.


  • Qualified, competent and sufficiently experienced, especially experience of recruitment process for Oil and Gas industry.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in recruitment
  • Having experience or knowledge in oil and gas will be advantage
  • Having experience in major project is preferable.
  • Fluent English proficiency to be able to conduct Phone Interview and communicate with applicant and User Department properly.




  1. Download CVs from E- Recruitment.
  2. Manage database of all incoming CVs.
  3. Ass ists Recruiter to conduct Selection Test using client Tools : Culture Fit, Aptitude
  4. Organize administration and logistics support as well as manage the administration and logistic supports including preparation of place and location for interviews and tests and supporting facility, scheduling, estimated operational costs and number of personnel required
  5. Arrange interview schedule with User Department and the candidates.
  6. Arrange selection test schedule with the candidates .
  7. Liaise with appointed vendor to conduct English Proficiency Test for required several position .
  8. Liaise with appointed medical service to conduct Medical Test.
  9. Prepare regret letter for failed candidates .


  • Qualified, competent and sufficiently experienced, especially experience of recruitment process.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in recruitment.
  • Fluent English proficiency to be able to communicate with applicant and User Department properly.




  1. Support to prepare list of permits, licenses and certification needs based on Government and SKK Migas rules and regulations .
  2. Support to prepare supporting documents for permits application.
  3. Support the deliverables of the preparation and application of permit and license to the government authority and other institutions for client to operate and ensure all permits are endorsed by the Authorities within the timelines.
  4. Support client project activities by ensuring that the permits have been completed and the project activities comply with the prevailing rules and regulations.
  5. Support project (FEE) and integration team as the main focal point (PIC) for permitting matter and conduct periodical meeting.
  6. Support the permit monitoring, periodic report & government license, and regulation assessment related to Perm it and License requirements.
  7. Support in building and initiating good communication with Government, SKK Migas and other specific institutions related to permits, licenses, and certifications issues.


  • Able to understood language, speaking speak and English written and
  • Possess computer skill, mastery in Microsoft power point (preparation as well as presentation skill), Excel, and Word document preparation skill
  • Good public speaking will be beneficial
  • Quick learner, high integrity, and self - motivated
  • Understood upstream oil and gas business process
  • 3 - 5 years of experience, having experience in oil and gas industry is preferable
  • Familiar with regulatory system in oil and gas industry
  1. Please send your Latest CV and Application Letter to recruitment@mesco-sn.com
  2. Please send your email with subject"Job Title" for example if you want to apply for the "Administrator-Recruitment” position, then the subject will be " Administrator-Recruitment "
  3. Email with wrong subject will not be Processed


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