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Mining Jobs Vacancy PT Agincourt Resources

Martabe Gold Mine is managed and operated by PT Agincourt Resources. The mine covers an area of 30 km2 that falls under the sixth generation of Contract of Work (CoW) covering a total area of 1,639 km2.

The resource base on 31 December 2017 includes 8.8 Moz of gold and 72 Moz of silver. Production commenced at Martabe on 24 July 2012. The operating capacity of Martabe Gold Mine is in excess of 5 mtpa ore to produce in excess of 300,000 oz of gold and 2-3 Moz of silver per annum.

PT Agincourt Resources engages more than 2,600 employees and contractors, with approximately 98% Indonesians, of which more than 70% were recruited from local people.

To strengthen the existing maintenance management team and to ensure the achievement of the company objectives, the Martabe Gold Mine is looking for candidate to fill the role:



(ER 1901010)

This position will be based at Jakarta Office in External Relations Department, and reports directly to Senior Manager Relations.

The role of the Manager Stakeholder Relations is to develop strategic communication with all PTAR Stakeholders. This includes the government, members of parliament, NGO, Academic, media and the community. The incumbent is responsible to assist other department in doing socialization to the stakeholders related to the social and environmental issues and update company operations. He/she also should interact and maintain an open and continuous communication with PTAR stakeholders to ensure understandings and support. The incumbent is also responsible to identify the gap between existing and current regulations and propose recommendations. He/she should liaise with the Operations Department and propose strategy to comply.

Candidates for this role would be expected to have the following qualifications and experience:

  1. The candidate should preferably have an undergraduate degree.
  2. At least 7 to 10 years of relevant experience.
  3. Experience as a member of a large and dynamic project management team would be very helpful.
  4. Knowledge of the applicable regulations of the Republic of Indonesia especially related to Environmental, Law & Regulations.
  5. Experience in working with multinational company’ s operation and understanding about mining company is a value added.
  6. Strong negotiation, analytical and conceptual skills.
  7. Strong leadership and influential team building skills.
  8. Superior written and oral communication skills in English.



(CD 1902021)


This position will be based at Martabe Site in Community Development Department, and reports directly to Senior Supervisor SME Development.

The Role of Supervisor- Business Analyst is to develop and empower local entrepreneur through consultation, advocating, training and coaching. This position is also responsible in making research and initiative for a business opportunity by creating a new business unit within community that related directly to PTAR’s operation or externally. This position is also provide supervision and coaching for any local empowered group (cooperatives, farmer group, economic creative group) in sustaining their business performance.

Candidates for this role would be expected to have the following qualifications and experience:

  1. Bachelor Degree in Economic, Accounting or relevant Degree in Business Management.
  2. 5 year experience in Community Development and empowering the local entrepreneur group.
  3. Preferable has a wide experience in creating a business unit/group in community – from beginning until sustain.
  4. Preferable has experience in running his/her own business and success.
  5. Preferable has ability in making and providing financial aspect (report, cash flow, income statement).
  6. Advance knowledge in Business Feasibility and Business Plan.
  7. Good understanding in Community Development area.
  8. Good understanding in human relation, presentation and communication skills.
  9. Good understanding in analytical and conceptual skills.
  10. Good understanding in leadership and team building skills.
  11. Preferable female candidate.


If you believe, you possess the skills, qualification and experience to fill in the position, please send in your CV complete with your latest photograph by quoting the position title & code on the email subject, no later than February 22, 2019 to:


Human Resources Department – PT Agincourt Resources


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