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PT Petrosea Tbk

PT Petrosea Tbk. is a multi-disciplinary mining, infrastructure and oil & gas services Company with a track record of achievement in Indonesia since 1972. We offer a competitive advantage through our ability to provide complete pit-to-port mining solutions, integrated engineering and construction capabilities as well as logistic support, whilst demonstrating absolute commitment to health, safety & environment, quality management, and business integrity.

We also provide services for the oil and gas industry in Indonesia through our Petrosea Offshore Supply Base (POSB) deep-water supply base that consistently delivers international standard and cost-effective services to all of our clients. Petrosea has been listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX: PTRO) since 1990 and was the first publicly listed Indonesian engineering and construction Company in Indonesia.

We are currently taking applicants for the following position:


(Assignment: Tabang and KJA Site)

To provide multivariate data analysis using standard and defined CI methodologies; Provide Control over the preparation, execution and establish timely comprehensive project reports related to all Improvement Initiatives within Asset Management Group.


  • Min. D3 degree in Civil / Mechanical / Industrial Engineering with 1 year experiences in Mobile and Plant Maintenance in Mining Industry and/or completing Petrosea GDP Program
  • Has exposure in CI tools for Best Practice Management (6sigma, RCM, FMEA, Kaizen, etc.) 
  • Has knowledge of Heavy Equipment Maintenance Management
  • Has experience in Equipment Health and Machine Application tools (SOS, TPMS, VIMS, ET, FPO, VHMS, INSITE, MIC, etc.) 
  • Has experience in analysing multivariate technical data resources and generating technical reports
  • Has experience in analysis of costs on improvement and modification projects
  • Highly competent computer skill in Microsoft environment (incl. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access) 
  • Is highly competent in generating reports for regular and management review; action plan presentation
  • Fluent in English, both oral and written
  • Willing to travel to project sites in remote locations.


  • Support HSE programs and the Environmental management system to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standards and requirements
  • Provide multivariate technical data analysis from various resources using available CI Tool concepts (6Sigma, RCM, FMEA, Kaizen, etc.) 
  • Establish regular reports regarding to work in progress, action plans, and outcome results of continuous improvement initiative programs
  • Maintain and keep proper documentations of all CI Initiative Projects in an available system accessible by all functions across Asset Management, as technical and management reference
  • Provide technical assistance in system development related to CI and align with engineering designs and drawings of any modification on facilities and equipment
  • Participate in regular meetings with OEM Vendors and industry network peers to keep up to date with the latest information and possible initiatives for asset reliability and cost saving projects, as well as to establish better CI culture within the company.


(Assignment: Tabang Site, Kalimantan)

Provide commercial/contracts management expertise to Management and clients; to review, analyze and administer various contract document, including the definition/s of scope of work, identification of both parties’ responsibilities, and interpretation of relevant contract conditions; to ensure that the project requirements are adequately delivered to the Client and Company is not exposed to unnecessary costs or penalties and in order to enhance Company’s effectiveness and efficiencies in term of minimizing such risk in commercial/contracts.


  • Minimal Bachelor Degree in Engineering
  • Min. 5 years experiences in sub contract / commercial
  • Requires travel to Project Locations as required
  • Client and Vendor/suppliers/subcontractor meetings and visits (if needed) 
  • Interface with commercial/legal service providers
  • Audits investigations
  • Must be diligent, reliable, and able to respond to difficult task whenever the need arises.


  • Review the pricing proposal prepared by BD Officer and Contract Engineer and giving input to General Manager regarding the contract composition and any qualification required
  • Review and to ensure the risk assessment for new project are prepared and maintain until the completion of the contract period
  • Review draft agreements prepared by Contract Engineer and to advise any modification needed to be compliance with PTRO contracting principle. And to ensure that agreed Scope Of Work is clearly defined and included in the draft
  • Ensure contract implementation are monitored and controlled, that the Client and Petrosea follow the contractual requirements of the contract such that Petrosea is not exposed to unnecessary costs or penalties – if any
  • Review and or prepare formal letters/ recommendation / resolution for regular commercial and contractual issues involving the clients and to attend to meetings with contractual nature and uphold the project’s objectives at all times
  • Ensure all variations and claims are properly managed and monitored until final settlement
  • Ensure contract filing systems are maintain, both in hard copy and electronic copy in order to ensure all contract document are well managed and administered in accordance with Petrosea procedures
  • Ensure validity of each contract is monitored; include the 90days prior expiry notification and the action taken
  • Collaboration with corporate legal, to develop standard set of term and condition for each contract type, in dual language
  • Conduct appraisal and develop staff development, as per yearly training and development plan
  • Maintaining and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.


(Assignment: Head Office/Site Based)

To provide expertise in the areas of Maintenance Strategies and Implementation across Asset Management, including but not limited to Equipment KPI review and Best Practice initiatives; To provide expertise in Eqp Selection & Modification works with Asset Engineering and related OEM; Actively participate in official forums both internally and externally involving CI and Best Practice Initiatives to contribute in development of CI culture within Asset Management Group.


  • Min. S1 degree in Civil / Mechanical / Industrial Engineering with 5-8 years exp. in Mobile and Plant Maintenance in Mining Industry
  • Has extended knowledge in CI tool for Best Practice Management (6sigma, RCM, FMEA, Kaizen, etc.) 
  • Has extended knowledge of Heavy Equipment Maintenance Management
  • Has extended experience in Equipment Health and Machine Application tools (SOS, TPMS, VIMS, ET, FPO, VHMS, INSITE, MIC, etc.) 
  • Proficient in Lateral and Analytical thinking/ skills
  • Has exposure in analysis of costs on improvement and modification projects
  • Highly competent computer skill in Microsoft environment (incl. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access) 
  • Is highly competent in managing reports for regular and management review; action plan presentation
  • Fluent in English, both oral and written
  • Willing to travel to project sites in remote locations.


  • Support HSE programs and the Environmental management system to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standards and requirements
  • Establish control over agreed Asset Management POAP to ensure compliance between Maintenance Strategy plans and Implementation, in order to close the gaps as per agreed targets
  • Carry out and participate in Regular Self-Assessment involving all functions to ensure Asset Management is achieving its desired objectives and strategy plans
  • Contribute and provide technical assistance in terms of Equipment Selection and Modification Works (work with Business Lines, Asset Engineering, OEM) 
  • Lead and Liaise with all Asset Management sections regarding to Initiative projects related to system, material and products through measurement of Trials, TBE, CPH analysis and reports
  • Develop team’s knowledge of multivariate technical data analysis capability using available CI Tool concepts (6Sigma, RCM, FMEA, Kaizen, etc.), with support from internal/ external training resource parties
  • Participate in official forums with OEM Vendors and Industry Network Peers to keep up to date with the latest technology/ information and possible initiatives for asset reliability and cost saving projects


(Assignment: KJA Site, Kalimantan)

Monitor operational KPIs to identify underperforming KPIs, perform root cause problem solving to understand problem and escalate issue to the relevant supervisor and verify data of automated reporting.


  • Minimum bachelor degree in Mining Engineering or foreman/supervisor with minimum 5 years’ experience
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience as Mining Engineer or Foreman/Supervisor especially with experience running Fleet Management System
  • Good understanding of Mining Business processes
  • Good analytical skill & problem solving skill
  • Strong reporting and technical writing
  • Excellent computer skill in Microsoft environment and other related applications, especially in report preparation and presentation
  • Good customer service and team work
  • Willing to be based at the company’s mine sites and work in shift.


  • Evaluate production and performance KPIs (productivity, operator compliance, hang time, queue time, distance, total truck, queue, payload, loading time) and investigate underperforming KPIs (H-1) and deliver to Senior Dispatcher/Superintendent
  • Provide root cause analysis for underperforming KPIs per 3 hours and deliver to the relevant department (with water flowchart) 
  • Evaluate actual performance (hang time, queue time, distance, total truck, queue, payload, loading time) and deliver to relevant department
  • Give MF recommendation to Dispatcher operation
  • Coordinate actual distance, historical distance (daily, weekly, monthly) to survey and engineering department
  • Validate date from FMS
  • Provide fleet management cost efficiencies report to Senior Dispatcher
  • Analyze data before its deliver to stake holder
  • Prepare presentation for staging meeting
  • Provide daily report to Senior Dispatcher
  • Evaluate SMU performance (delay, standby, down, ready) per 3 hours and deliver to relevant department
  • • Deliver production report per 2 hours
  • Analyze operator performance and deliver to training department
  • Analyze shift load dump deviation and coordinate to dispatcher operation or relevant PIC
  • Analyze CPR dashboard and record all deviation
  • Evaluate outstanding jobs report before its deliver to the next shift
  • Maintaining and implementing HSE program including Environmental Management System to ensure the programs conform to official standard and requirements.


(Assignment: Levee Site, Timika)

Monitor and control Earthworks resources (people and equipment) in field operation in term of support construction manager to ensure production is achieved in accordance with project parameters, project schedule, budget, in compliance with company’s project safety and environmental policy.


  • Min. Diploma degree with 10 years or S1 with 7 years experiences in engineering areas
  • Min. 5 years experiences in leadership roles holding Electrical & Instrument Supervisor or Superintendent Positions
  • Good understanding & implementation of earthwoks methods
  • Creative thinking and ability to manage the work systems
  • Good leadership.


  • Monitor, control and supervise labor in a day to day basis, direct subcontract, and all non-labor resources in order to ensure project completed on schedule, conform with the standard of quality specified
  • Provide leadership and direction to all Earthworks operations team including monitor their performance in order to maintain and enhance team performance
  • Monitor and control the implementation of Earthworks plan and manage that all necessary resources are available at site in order to meet the construction schedule through regular construction meetings
  • Understanding the basics of the project budget, monitor and control the Earthworks budget to ensure that costs do not exceed budget
  • Initiates, develops and improve the implementation of construction methodology and equipment utilization to improve efficiency
  • Review client specifications and drawings to ensure the requirements defined are incorporated into the work
  • Support and assist the Project Safety Superintendent in actively promoting a safety culture and awareness in order to enhance safety awareness among personnel and prevent LTI
  • Discuss pertinent topics at daily pre-start meetings and weekly toolbox meetings in order to Provide a safe and healthy work environment
  • Provide Construction Manager and Project Manager with construction schedules, cost forecasts and progress statistics in order to updated current situation.


(Assignment: Lampunut Site, Kalimantan Tengah)

Monitor and supervise site Earthworks activities to ensure such activities are conducted in a safe and timely manner conform to quality of work is of a standard that optimises availability.


  • Min. High School with 7 years or Bachelor degree with 4 years experiences in civil field, especially in ROAD CONSTRUCTIONS or CIVIL CONSTRUCTIONS
  • Min. 3 years experiences in leadership or supervisory role
  • Possess broad knowledge in Earthwork system
  • Good analytical and supervisory skill
  • Good communication in English
  • Work flexible hours to accommodate job requirements.


  • Exercise, direct, and ensure a safe work environment in the work area at all times; and ensure all store business work processes and activities are all done in safe works practices
  • Develop and follow JSA’s for all tasks
  • Assist Project Engineer with the development of a work schedule including parts, materials and manpower to be incorporated in the short term detailed execution plans
  • Prepare and submit the regular report required by Project Controls to ensure report is submitted in timely manner
  • Supervise Foremen activities to ensure work is technically correct and performed in a safe and cost effective manner
  • Examine and investigate all variances from target to avoid bigger lost in both cost and time consumed
  • Monitor PM schedule implementation to ensure all PM scheduled work is completed in accordance with work instructions and schedules
  • Proactively identify defects and register them via work requests in order to have an appropriate and prompt action
  • Diagnose failure symptoms and determine maintenance of Earthworks structures to effectively and efficiently rectify them
  • Develop and determine work procedure, work load balance, and also coordinate work unit with other unit
  • Maintaining and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.


(Assignment: Head Office)

Manage and lead the implementation of initial plan and strategy related to Mining Operation Data Based, Fleet Management System processes, procedures and performance, using established continuous improvement techniques in order to reduce inefficiency, identity and prioritize opportunity in Mining project.


  • Bachelor Degree in Mining, Civil, Mechanical, or Industrial especially has mining environment experience
  • Certified and minimum 10 years experiences implementing change using continuous improvement tools (i.e. Six Sigma, etc.) 
  • Strong computer skills, preference is competent using statistical software application such as MINITAB
  • Strong on analytical (multi variance data) skills and problem solving skills
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Willing to travel frequently to the company’s mine sites
  • Good understanding of Mining Business Process
  • Demonstrated ability to influence others and lead change.


  • Establish and implement improvement strategies for Mining Projects to reduce inefficiency of Mining business process and also increase company profits
  • Manage, monitor, and control initial plan of improvement strategies, and monitor the correction plan from gap analysis
  • Direct job cost analysis related all data has received and giving a recommendation which can be implemented to increase cost effectiveness
  • Establish clear correction plan and monitor end-to-end process of correction action, ensure it’s done based on plane and timeline
  • Manage, monitor, and control all going projects and promptly provide political (internal PTP & Client), financial, and technical mining support to ensure project development conform to the initial plan
  • Manage a learning culture of continuous improvement, analyze the root cause for defects, improve the process capability by eliminating the root causes, and control the new process to sustain the improvements
  • Establish and implement strategy or culture in knowledge sharing and application of mining best practices
  • Liaise with internal team (engineering and production) and Client to execute, implement, and monitor the improvement strategies
  • Liaise with internal team to give an advice and recommendation to integrated internal work method with client which increase process effectiveness
  • Establish and manage a specific method/discipline strategy to measure the gap between current Mining Process capability with the Mining project’s goal
  • Manage and lead the implementation of Fleet Management System to maintain the improvements, and based on the results continuously adjusts the business strategic action plans
  • Manage and lead the implementation of improvement in business efficiency from data integration results between Fleet Management System and Mining Ops Db System
  • Support HSE by implementing the program and conform to HSE standard and regulations.


(Assignment: Head Office)

Plan, develop, implement and improve mining quality system, procedures and resources in order to support mining projects in term of technical services expertise for optimizing company’s mining operation.


  • Expat or high calibre Indonesian with exposure to International Standard Operations
  • Min. Bachelor Degree, preferably in mining engineering with international standard
  • Mine engineering experience min. 10 years in Senior Mine Technical role, site based background preferred
  • Prepare to travel to remote locations
  • Business development, Business Analysis, Estimating, Risk Management, Commercial Contract Management, Mine Planning (Production Schedule & Mine sequence), Fleet Management System, Mining Continuous Improvement
  • Strong capability/ exposure to mine planning software
  • Excellent communication in English
  • Bahasa Indonesia skills is an advantage must be willing to learn Bahasa
  • Ability to train, develop & mentor engineering team
  • Outstanding analysis skills result based focus
  • Excellent Ms Office skills.


  • Control, monitor, and liaise with Project Managers to foster efficient mining operation through competent Technical Services skills and discipline
  • Control, monitor, and liaise with project manager to communicate ideas, systems, designs, procedures and standards in mining operation to ensure the adherence of those new policies. 
  • Coach and mentor of technical support staff and key national staff in order to assist them understand and manage the technical implications within contracts. 
  • Monitor, support, and liaise with HR department to facilitate the graduate development program in order to participate in developing new talents
  • Maintain and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the program conform to official standard and requirements. 
  • Liaise with functional or operational area managers (for example in production, supply and logistic, maintenance, engineering, purchasing, or human resources) to integrate their activities into productions plans, cost estimates and schedules. 
  • Planning, structuring and leading the planning of the project program of works and identifying program risks and opportunities to propose mitigation strategies. 
  • Contribute to the development of operating budgets for the production and operational unit
  • Lead, direct, evaluate and develop production planning staff to ensure that their activities meet pre-established targets.


(Assignment: Balikpapan)

Train and assess theory, practical, and safety of operating technique the machine / Heavy Equipment according to machine / HE product operating manual and Company Standard Operating Procedure.


  • Min. Senior High School, preferred Diploma Degree in Mining or Geology
  • Min. 3 years experiences in Mining and Heavy Equipment
  • Has proficient knowledge about Mining processes
  • Good presentation and leadership skill
  • Good communication in English & Computer literate (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Power Point).


  • Prepared training material (Handout, Presentation & Assessment) 
  • Deliver the training for all operators, both in class and job training, reminding of unsafe action and unsafe condition to all employees
  • Conduct refresh training for operator skills and knowledge based on field observations and productivity data, theory test and practical to all of candidate procedure
  • Show the operating technique of the machine according to operating procedure
  • Conduct assessment and make recommendation according to result examination
  • Work closely with the Operation Team, Maintenance Team, HR, and HSE Dept. to ensure the right people are in the right place, follow up on a regular basis and be prepared to fill in and support the operations team as required
  • Test potential New Hire Operators, assess skills, evaluate report and make recommendations
  • Support all Heavy Equipment productivities, efficiencies and cycle time improvement (Excavator, Bulldozer, Motor Grader, LV, Light Truck, Off Highway Truck) 
  • Maintain and make daily and weekly report
  • Make and presented a safety tool box meeting
  • Operated the machine / HE according KIMPER
  • Monitor and support operational of training simulator equipment technically
  • Maintaining and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standards and requirements.


(Assignment: Dompu Site, NTB)

Provide efficient Human Resources (HR) daily administration and HR services to Site’s business line in order to support the business line with HR excellence service related matters and participate in contribute the success of Site’s business line as one of company core business.


  • Min. Bachelor Degree from any disciplines
  • Min. 4 years experiences in Human Resources
  • Excellent communication and presentation skill
  • Fluent in English, both verbal and written
  • Good negotiation and supervisory skill
  • Required occasional travelling to job sites to communicate with employees
  • Willingness to do whatever is required and work outside normal working hours to achieve objectives.


  • Conduct and monitor recruitment processes for local candidate from PRF process, local job advertisement, shortlist applications, test and interview, medical exam, negotiate offer and obtain final approval from HR Head Office and Project Manager to ensure that recruitment processes are complete and conform with company’s procedures
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of Performance Appraisal process, training program, identify employee mobility in Site in order to provide active participation in developing and motivating employees in Site
  • Maintain issues on Industrial Relation and compensation & benefit in Site liaise with HR Head Office to ensure all arising issues are well accommodated
  • Monitor and review HR paper work such PAR, Personnel Details, Employment Agreement in HR related matters for new employee, promotion, transfer, change of status employment, report to JAMSOSTEK & ASTEK, HR monthly report to provide HR administration assistance
  • Prepare, process and control all documents and permits for expatriates and their family in order to obtain legal permit for working and living in Site area conform with current government regulations
  • Develop and maintain good relationship with regional and local government, Man power, Police, Mine & energy and communities around Site area to have smooth company’s operational activities
  • Monitor and review administration support for all employees such as pay slip distribution, meal & transport reimbursement distribution to ensure employee’s rights and benefit based on company’s procedures
  • Maintaining and implementing HSE programs including Environmental Management System to ensure the effectiveness of the programs conform to official standard and requirements.


Human Capital Superintendent


  1. Mengawasi dan mengarahkan seluruh kegiatan HR yang meliputi organizational development, recruitment, people development dan pengelolaan development, performance management serta pengelolaan training center dalam rangka mengimbangi dinamika operational. 
  2. Memastikan dan merecruit tersedianya sumberdaya manusia yang kompeten di projek dan lingkungan kerja yang harmonis dengan cara merencanakan,mengelola,memonitor dan mengevaluasi rekrutmen dan pengembangan sumberdaya manusia, membina hubungan industrial dan mengendalikan administrasi sumberdaya manusia. 
  3. Memastikan proses recuitment berjalan dengan SOP yg ada dan sesuai dengan RFR yg dibutuhkan
  4. Memastikan semua data base pelamar tercollect, tersimpan dan terdata dengan baik
  5. Mengupdate data base manpower setiap saat terhadap perubahan status karyawan. 
  6. Memastikan Peraturan Perusahaan dijalankan dengan baik dan benar. 
  7. Memastikan pekerjaan, rekan kerja dan tempat kerjanya aman dari potensi kecelakaaan
  8. Menyelesaikan permasalahan yang berhubungan dengan karyawan dalam rangka menjaga stabilitas kerja dan menciptakan iklim kerja yang kondusif. 
  9. Mampu melakukan identifikasi dan langkah pencegahan / perbaikan terhadap potensi dari pekerjaan yang dapat mengakibatkan kerusakan lingkungan.


  1. S1 Hukum/Psikologi/Manajemen
  2. Total pengalaman 8 Tahun bekerja di departemen Human Capital
  3. Diutamakan berpengalaman di perusahaan tambang. 
  4. Minimal pengalaman 3 tahun di posisi Superintendent. 
  5. Bersedia ditempatkan di Kalimantan dan Sumatera.


Specialist Budget & Cost Control


  1. Menyiapkan variable data dan form budget, serta koordinasi dengan project/department dalam proses penyusunan budget
  2. Mengerti Financial Planning
  3. Financial Modelling (PNL, Cashflow) 
  4. Input data budget di system report SAP/BW
  5. Support data monthly closing & request audit
  6. Menyiapkan report monitoring actual vs budget, dan mengkomunikasikan ke project/department leader, serta menyiapkan data reforecast
  7. Terlibat dalam development system informasi keuangan


  1. S1 Accounting dari universitas terkemuka
  2. 3 tahun berpengalaman di posisi Budget & Cost Control
  3. Familiar Mengunakan Microsoft Office (Advance Excel) 
  4. Familiar Mengunakan SAP
  5. Paham dan mengerti dengan sifat/jenis Biaya
  6. Cukup memahami budget cost control bidang industry coal mining & mengerti Tax planning menjadi nilai lebih
  7. Dapat berkomunikasi aktif dengan berbagai lini dalam perusahaan, dan siap bekerja lembur ketika proses penyusunan budget/closing bulanan


f you are interested into applying this position, please register yourself at our online recruitment system, (Petrosea Career http://career.petrosea.com) and apply to position with title, not later than 13 February 2019.

Please be aware of certain frauds or misinformation regarding recruitment advertising on behalf of Petrosea. We never ask for any payments whatsoever from applicants or candidates during the recruitment process. We never ask applicants or candidates to use specific travel agent services to make arrangements for transportation and accommodation during the recruitment process.

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