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PT Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk (PT MCG),

PT Merdeka Copper Gold Tbk (PT MCG), founded in 2012, is a holding company engaged in the mining businesses, encompassing the exploration and future production of gold, silver, copper, and other related minerals - and mining services.



  1. Bachelor’s degree any major from reputable university
  2. Minimum 10 (ten) years of experiences with mining company
  3. Experience for develop and manage community development programs, such local economic development, community infrastructure, public health and education
  4. High level critical thinking, analysis and attention for detail
  5. Logical approach to identifying and evaluating issues and problem solving
  6. Highest personal standards of behavior, acting with ethics, integrity and respect at all times




Email Subject: [CAM]


PT MCG neither use social media, unsolicited email or any type of correspondence to request any fee to recruit, nor uses placement agencies that charge candidates a fee of any kind. Correspondence on the job vacancies for PT MCG employees is only held through these official contacts:

E: recruitment@MerdekaCopperGold.com

W: MerdekaCopperGold.com

T: +62-21-29-880-393


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