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Operator Wheel Exca PT Ganda Alam Makmur

PT Ganda Alam Makmur is a company engaged in coal mining sector in East Kalimantan, which has a partnership with companies experienced in carrying out coal mining work.

Along with the increase in production value every year, we need highly skilled and experienced workers to fill the following positions :


  1. Operator Wheel Exca

    • Male/female
    • Minimum SMA/SMK
    • Min 26 years old
    • Minimum 3 years experience
    • Maintenance/support road & hauling
    • Team worker
    • Understand K3 system

Only those who are ready to be assigned in PT Ganda Alam Makmur or in the workers providing company and willing to work on the site (east kalimantan) that are eligible for further selection process.


Please send your newest CV through the email:ptgamrecruitment@gmail.com / recruitment@ptgam.com (Max 2MB) with a format subject email (type of work_name exp : Fitter_Dimas) and document attachment file (type of work_name exp : Fitter_Dimas) before 15 December, 2018.

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